ZIMBABWE YOUTH COUNCIL Post Election Clean Up Campaign


Youth are tasked to take up leadership roles in maintaining and improving the state of affairs of their surroundings. This is against a background of a continually deteriorating environment in which most people are not paying heed to the its needs and importance of keeping it clean and safe. The initiative to hold a cleanup campaign has taken centre stage to impart a new way of thinking and a culture in the post election phase with young people taking the lead role. With the above view, we have mooted this noble idea to unite all youths, stakeholders and the Government in building a new Zimbabwe. A Zimbabwe that that all citizens can be proud of and be a shining example in Africa and the World.

Our immediate environment is a measure and reflection of who we are as a people. The current state of our environment thus makes us wary of the way we look at ourselves and how the World perceives us. It is not reflective of our remarkable intellect or high standards. We should continually seek to change the outlook of our city and country to match up with the standards that the world holds us against, a measure that we know within ourselves that we do have.


The cleanup campaign shall be hosted in belated commemoration of International Youth Day which was the 12th of August. It shall run under the aforementioned theme, ‘Safe Spaces for youth” It shall erode memories of an election period which is now gone and give youth time to reflect and correctly assert themselves as young people. We intend to celebrate dignity in labor through the very basic requirement of operating in a welcoming and clean environment.

As youths, we have achieved milestones in the change of mindsets driven by the teaching of entrepreneurship. We also believe that this campaign will highlight not only the need to have a clean environment but the need to have a clean mindset to compliment the environment.


The City of Harare is the gateway to Zimbabwe and in improving our environment, we will also improve our image. Thus our concerted effort to also compliment the Vision 2025 of retaining our sunshine city status. Our dream, is to quickly adopt a behavioral pattern among youth that shuns wanton littering. The measure of a successful people is seen through their environment and if we are to be successful as a people, the environment is our first port of call. With a clean environment we can rush to the top of the mountains and shout to the world; Zimbabwe is open for business.

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