ZYC, EmpowerBank engages People Living with Disabilities

 EmpowerBank and Zimbabwe youth council (ZYC) have engaged people living with disabilities (PWDs) at ZYC offices today. In a bid to promote an all inclusive approach when dealing with government programs, the workshop was meant to educate PWDs on the facilities that are being offered by Empowerbank.

People living with disabilities have applauded the move stating that it is a very positive approach by the newly commissioned Empowerbank. This certainly shows that the bank is very much willing to work with every Zimbabwean regardless of one’s physical structure.

During the workshop PWDs expressed their concern in regard to how they have been sidelined in most programs. They however advised the ZYC and Empowerbank to further improve their relationship with people living with disabilities as well as those from marginalized communities as Empowerbank underscored inclusion as one of their core values.

Regardless of the large number of people living with disabilities in Zimbabwe it has been found out that very little if any support is given to them and it has been found  that, they are often excluded from social, political, and economic affairs. The most common avenue of aid for these people is through families, non-governmental and religious organizations. The EmpowerBank has therefore promised to improve the lives of PWDs by giving then loans to start their own income generating projects.

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