Youth must take action

Section 5.3.1 (e) of our National Youth policy document says: “Government shall approve a 25% quota of all economic and empowerment facilities in Agriculture, mining, commercial, Tourism and Industrial economic activity reserving and making available for youth, paying particular attention to the empowerment of young women and young people with disabilities”

Section 2.7 of the National Youth Policy part (ix) addresses the need to mainstream youth issues from government to the private sector.

Based on the provisions that have been clearly spelt out in the National Youth Policy, the private sector and Non-Governmental Organisations have their job clearly articulated as far as youth empowerment is concerned.

Young people through the National Youth Policy and the 25% youth quota we have the bases to claim our economic rights across all sectors, the challenge to take up the opportunities is with us. Let’s get together and make the Zimbabwe we want.

The National Youth Policy could easily be another vague document in the eyes of young people if not properly administered. Its true relevance to our Zimbabwean context lies in an understanding by all stake holders that we once lived in an unequal society. Our social imbalances today are a product and a mirror image of a people who were once materially, psychologically and physically disadvantaged. Now that we have redeemed a sense of control and purpose over our lives, through the current new dispensation, there is no better or perfect time to administer youth development and capacity building strategies for young people than now.

At the moment Zimbabwe Youth Council is working diligently to realise ambitions for the young people of Zimbabwe through organizing events that enables youths and women to showcase their talents or projects they are doing. Of late ZYC has been working to create participatory platforms for dialoguing with different stakeholders in different sectors of the economy, contribute to the implementation of the economic empowerment strategy, to create a framework for building strong communication, cooperation and coordination between the Government and economic empowerment stakeholders and to identify gaps and recommend tangible proposals for economic empowerment delivery especially to young people and women.

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