ZYC in a bid to re-engage WAY

By Tatenda Mbira

The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) is a platform which Zimbabwe has traditionally been privy to and actively participated in through the Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC). It is a platform that facilitates engagement and promotes sharing of ideas from young people across the world.

WAY is an international coordinating body of all National Youth Councils and youth organizations. It is coordinated under the UN General Assembly which is the mother body.

However recently Zimbabwean participation has been limited and ZYC seeks to outline the strategy for re-engagement and mapping a way forward on how we can utilize the platform again and strengthen Zimbabwean participation in WAY. As Zimbabwe youth council we believe the WAY programme is key if we are to achieve our mandate.

ZYC would like to re-engage WAY in order to fulfill the principal opinions and roles of young people towards combating violence and solving delinquent behaviors. Moreover, the outcomes contribute favorably in youth development as well as betterment of societies as a whole.

Interactive dialogues on different topics will be of significance to form, educate and increase awareness on the challenges and entitlements of youth towards non-violence, peaceful and secure environment that assures and supports their development fully at the different levels of society that they represent. Therefore, with the anticipated topics, all participants such as: the young people, youth leaders, representatives from public and private sector, media persona, law enforcers and members of various NGOs gather annually to call for action and structure experiences on the issue of Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Development.

The outcome document will also enhance youth contribution towards the attainment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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