ZYC Inducts New Youth Associations

Zimbabwe Youth Council, Harare Province hosted  newly registered youth associations at the Harare Polytechnic to apprise them on the activities and programmes of the Ministry of Youth Indigenization and Economic Empowerment, its various departments, the Zimbabwe Youth Council, National Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Board, National Youth Service and Vocational Training Centers.

Officials from the Ministry, ZYC, NIEEB, NYS and VTCs made up the panel of facilitators. UNICEF also participated by making a presentation on U-report, which is basically a platform that young people and programmers can use to engage with their members and the community.


Seventy Youth Associations attended the workshop which was an eye opener on various programmes of the Ministry of Youth is embarking on. Among the programmes presented young people took great interest in the National Youth Service though the recommended further improvements of the service.

Most youth associations that focus on charity work, youth development and humanitarian work viewed the National Youth Service as a programme that can be instrumental in rehabilitating young people who abuse alcohol and drugs and are constantly in conflict with the law.

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