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The first edition of the PODs marked a grand opportunity for tertiary institutions to engage in policy formulation process through introspection and interrogation of policy. It created a tangible platform through which students added their voices in come concerning some of the country’s policies and programmes. The inaugural sessions were hosted in Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru by form of round robin tournament which gave students from all tertiary institutions to battle out and table key policy issues pertinent to youths. The programme bore clear testimony that if supported and promoted, this platform can be beneficial and an integral part of accentuating the student voice in the policy making, and appreciation processes. As such the 2017 POD session shall be a build-up on to the work that has already been done. The tournament shall rope in a multiplicity of stakeholders guided by the sector approach as we seek to expand its scope and have a holistic approach to policy issues to be covered.


What is POD?

Policy Open Debate is a platform of intellectual engagement on topical contemporary issues affecting Zimbabwe as well as the African region from the social to the economic spectrum.


– To facilitate youth participation by enabling intellectuals to articulate on key policy issues pertinent to young people

. – To create a platform for youth to interface with legislators, government departments, NGOs and other key stakeholders.

– To train and prepare young people to articulate themselves better.


The tournament shall take place over two days. Prior to this, all debaters shall be invited to a camp to commence over 3 days. The essence of the camp is to have various stakeholders come through to train the debaters on how to articulate the key issues within their respective sectors. This year’s tournament shall bring all participating teams to one place in contrast to doing round robin tournaments across the country. Preliminary  rounds for the teams to participate in the final to be decided during the training sessions.

Proposed Venue

Harare Polytechnic


Harare Poly is highly active in debate across the country. Their contribution to debating through their students and a vibrant club can never be understated

Proposed Dates

26 – 28 September: Training Camp

29 – 30 September: Tournament Days



Participation in the tournament shall be for students within tertiary institutions but not necesarilly limited to debaters. The list is as follows

– Debaters

– Activists

– Students leaders (current and former)

– Debating alumni.


As for the institutions, all tertiary institutions are eligible to participate, however those in Harare shall be the main target participants. These include

– Harare Polytechnic

– Midlands State University

– Seke Teachers College

– Catholic University

– University of Zimbabwe,

– Belvedere Teachers College

– Women’s University


Registration to the tournament shall be free.


– Debating Alumni.

– Legislators.

– Former Student leaders.

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