ZYC fostering ZimASSET Agenda through its Anchor Companies

By Mupanduki Herbert

Zimbabwe youth council through its newly formed anchor companies is hoping to foster the aims and visions of the Zimbabwean economic blueprint ZimASSET that is meant to ensure  growth of Zimbabwe’s economy.

At least four companies have been formed by the Zimbabwe Youth Council as a way of supporting the ZIMASSET agenda. The anchor companies cover the four clusters of the economic blueprint which are food security and nutrition, social services and poverty eradication, infrastructure and utilities and value addition and beneficiation. The four companies that were formed in support of the four clusters are Youth Make Zimbabwe, Youth Shape Zimbabwe, Youth Feed Zimbabwe and Youth Employ Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd.

Youth shape fulfills cluster number 3 of the ZimASSET that focuses on infrastructure and utilities which is meant to increased investment in infrastructure such as energy and power development, roads, rail, aviation, telecommunication, water and sanitation, through acceleration in the implementation of Public PrivatePartnerships (PPPs) and other private sector driven initiatives. This is in line with Youth Shape enterprise that focuses on facilitating the participation of young people in the construction and infrastructure development sector. The company is capable of transforming the country’s economy if only youth are given enough support.

Youth Make    Zimbabwe falls under ZimASSET’s value addition and beneficiation cluster. It is mandated to ensure that the innovation and enterprise of young people contribute to the growth of Zimbabwe’s industries and will pave way for increased production. The ZimASSET value addition and beneficiation cluster is meant to ensure the establishment of Diamond Cutting and Polishing Centers, establishment of Agro-processing projects (Apiculture, Processing and Canning of fruits andvegetables, Oil Expression, Leather and Leather products), strengthening SMEs and Co-operatives to be viable as tools for poverty eradication and lastly to Intensify the implementation of bio-fuels. Full participation of youth in Youth Make Zimbabwe will ensure a better economy for Zimbabwe and employment opportunities for the youths.

Zimbabwe is an agro based economy country and through Youth Feed Zimbabwe the Zimbabwe Youth council will ensure that youths participate in agricultural activities and help regain the nation’s status as the bread basket of Africa. Youth feed will ensure that agricultural resources, information and platforms are made available to young people, market linkages, skills training and development and active youth participation in the country’s agriculture sector. This company is in the ZimAsset’s food security and nutrition cluster that deals with providing food relief to vulnerable social groups, subsidized agriculture input assisting youth to have access to the Presidential Input Scheme, setting up an agriculture concessionary funding facility for commercial young farmers, putting in place a livestock drought mitigation programme for the drier regions of the country and encouraging the establishment of the contract farming programme.

In order to reduce youth unemployment the Zimbabwe Youth Council formed a company called Youth employ Zimbabwe, this company will provide platforms for addressing youth unemployment and under-employment, including ensuring that young people are capacitated to create employment, this is in line with poverty eradication and social service.

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