Youth shape a positive step towards achieving a ZIMASSET Agenda.

By Simbarashe Mukonoweshuro

Youth Shape Zimbabwe (Pvt) is an Anchor company of Zimbabwe Youth Council under the Ministry of Youth Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment which is a vehicle that champions the participation of young people.It specialises with the construction and infrastructure development sector.


Youth Shape Zimbabwe will fulfil this is in line with ZimASSET’s objectives which is the   Utilities and Infrastructure Development Cluster.In comparison with other sectors construction has been a stand-alone in terms of significance, resultantly it has been long negelected with a forgotten past, withstanding its importance and relevance as a major component of the economy among factors. Youth Shape Zimbabwe underpins economic growth and poverty eradication but however it continues to experience systemic challenges within its entire value chain, ranging from lack of affordable raw material to lack of financing. This has been exacerbated by prolonged periods of economic depression.


Diminished construction activities are a consequence of a myriad of socio-economic debilitating circumstances that resulted in the country depending on imports to complement domestic raw material and technical needs.


With all the neglect and a dead past Youth shape Zimbabwe is there to revive the sector as it comes in to champion infrustructural development  to give  a hand  and empower the youths as the brain child behind the programme. Driven by the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment as the parent Ministry and the Zimbabwe Youth Council in concert with Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 Youth Shape Zimbabwe advocates for self-sustenance and import substitution   as the instrument restricts levels of imports such as cement which will be amongst the first product offshoots in the implementation of Youth Shape Zimbabwe.


In this initiative youth participation includes  optimization of young construction organizations for raw materials, dissemination of knowledge and creation of augmenting rural institutions benefitting young construction schemes.Amongst the aims of  Youth shape is to improve youth constructors’ access to information on service providers and other stakeholders to support sustainable market-based production within relevant wards/districts and their relative commodity production comparative advantage with respect to the locale construction regulations.  Management practices to sustain value chains, improve adoption of sustainable value chains by community groups and networked young constructors to link with off-takers, including ward/district locale constructors, with other players giving increased value to the commodities produced and respond to consumer value chains whilst strengthening the institutional capacity of service providers and producer groups to develop more sustainable construction livelihoods for youths.On such basis it becomes an arm of the Zimsasset agenda.

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