Sheila Ante a young entrepreneur based in Bulawayo

Today we profile Sheila Ante a young entrepreneur based in Bulawayo.
Give us a brief introduction and background about yourself
My name is Sheila Ante born on the 21st of July 1985 in Kadoma District. I did primary education at Mateme SDA primary and then proceeded to Mateme SDA secondary school in Gokwe. After completion of secondary school I relocated to Bulawayo for green pastures. Initialy I got employed at Umguza as a sells assistant for two years from 2004 to 2006. At this juncture I got inspired to venture into my own business.
Give us your business profile in brief?
I am into hospitality business. I run a guest house called Stratford lodges is a hospitality business. The year 2007 saw the birthing of my business. When we started we had three rooms in operation.
At this point the company has expanded as we not only offer accommodation but have ventured into catering. To date Stratford lodges boost of twelve fully furniture rooms most with ensuits though our work force has reduced to six due to economic situations. Four of the family members compliment the hired workforce whenever the situation demands.

Where did you get your start-up capital and how has the business grown over the years months?
There are people born with silver spoons in their mouths and silver platters in their hands guess am one of those. It was not hard to start the business as I had savings from my previous job and my husband came in handy adding to the little I had.

Are there any challenges that you have faced and how have you dealt with them?
Over the years business has been very brisk enabling us to add the rooms to twelve. Though of late it has slightly declined we still have managed to service our clientele that we have had for many years. Here and there we get new clients. Of course our current economic situation has taken toll on most businesses; Stratford lodge has also experienced the same.

What is your target market and how is your production capacity and output?
Our target market is to cater for middle income earners as they constitute the bulk of our population at affordable rates and clean surroundings.
We also offer services for weddings, birthdays or any other parties.
What are your future plans for the next five years?
Our five year plan is to do the conference room, adding ensuites to the communal rooms and putting up a reception and maybe adding more rooms if the funds permits.
What words of encouragement and advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?
My advice to young people is to work hard and get focused you will get to your desired haven.Not to be afraid for trying new ideas, never to give up on your dreams and not to take financial problems for granted.
For bookings please contacts Sheila Ante on
Mobile 0715873308
Land line 09473461

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