Former Deputy Junior President Scores 14 points in Sciences

By Portia Sigauke

Harare: Zimbabwe’s Deputy Junior president Otis  Mashayanyika  defied all odds by becoming the first member in his family attaining 14 points in science subjects in the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec) November 2016 A Level examinations.

The 19 year old wizkid was a pupil at St Dominic High School in Mutare, studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Mashayanyika said his family background pushed him to study hard and be the pace setter.

“My family’s educational background pushed me to study hard as no one in my family has ever passed like I have. I feel that I have done myself and family proud by breaking the record and knowing that my mother has never attended a graduation ceremony before l felt that l needed to do something that she can count on and be proud of,” he said.

Mashayanyika said he owed his success to his family as the encouraged him to study and his involvement in Junior Parliament encouraged him even more.

“You know that i stay with my step mom. Contrary to what step moms are famous for mine is different she encouraged me a lot and I thank her for that, she supported me a lot and i had to do more to impress her as she has been supporting me”.

“Being in the Junior Parliament also played a big role as I met different people with diverse backgrounds and listening to their stories, what they encountered in their lives and looking at their successes I drew inspiration that made me to pass with flying colors knowing that nothing is impossible if you really focus,” he added.

He said he wants to study electronic engineering.

“At the moment I am going around looking for a sponsor or get a scholarship for me to pursue my dream and I believe I am on the right track although i have not found any sponsor. My father is a civil servant and cannot afford to pay for my studies but he is trying to look for some money, hopefully by August this year he would have budgeted enough”.

“I would welcome any form of assistance to make my dream a reality,” he said.

Mashayanyika shared with us his study tips below

  1. As a pupil you need to study when it suits you the most be it during the day or at night but i would encourage pupils not to go to bed or spend the whole day without revisiting their work.
  2. Remember that 15 point doesn’t come from one subject. So you need to balance and pay more attention to subjects that you have a challenge so that you obtain good grades in all subjects.
  • Participating in study groups is very important as you get to learn from others.
  1. Attending lessons is very key and asking questions when you don’t understand is very important.

Mashayanyika said he was going to continue pursuing his leadership roles.

“I was born a leader and am not going to give up or reject any leadership position that may come forth and through the Junior Parliament i was able to undergo some training in confidence building, and my analytical skills improved, i learnt a lot of protocols and respect and i believe that i will go a long way with this talent coupled with hard work,” he added.

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