Young People Beware Of Flash Floods

By Portia Sigauke

Compliments of the new season are in order.

The year has started on a high note with heavy rains pouring week in and week out. This is exciting news especially to young farmers who want to restore Zimbabwe to its bread basket status.

However, the rains have been not all glory to some especially those who reside in low lying areas who have experienced flash floods some even losing properties worth thousands of dollars.

As the Zimbabwe Youth Council we wish to take this opportunity to remind and caution young people to avoid taking chances by crossing flooded areas if they come across one especially in areas they know less.

Recently, there have been numerous reports in the media about people escaping death by a whisker after trying to play hero by crossing flooded areas and ultimately being swept away by floods.

Zimbabwe still needs every young person so should we take full responsibility and jealously protect our lives.

To the parents whose children travel long distances to school we encourage you to accompany your children and ensure that there are safe all the time.

Take time to educate and warn them against crossing flooded areas as most cases of drowning are reported this time of the season.

In 2017 we continue to advocate for youth participation and youth empowerment, we encourage every young person to stand up and do something that can be of great value and contribute to economic growth.

We hope to see young people who will not drown this rainy season but become economic champions.

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