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ZIM CHEER Awards is an acronym for Zimbabwe Champions and Heroes of the Economic Empowerment Revolution Awards. The awards set out to be a youth focused initiative designed to celebrate the potential and accomplishments of Zimbabweans across generations. Through this we seek to put the spotlight on youth innovation, entrepreneurship and examples of home grown success promote a culture of excellence through Mentorship, Investment, Networking and Execution (MINE).

The initiative will have a double pronged approach in order to achieve its objective. Two separate activities which are;

  1. Pioneer Identification Program

This program will be run from ward level in every district of Zimbabwe and will identify young people between the ages of 15 and 35 across all sectors who are budding economic empowerment agents. These people can be either employers or employees. After identifying a pool of talent we will then shortlist 3(three) youth (1 male, 1 female and 1 person living with a disability) who will be then forwarded to district level. At district level another 3 (three) will be selected using the same criteria culminating in the selection of 3 (three) provincial pioneers.


  1. Champions and Heroes Identification Program

With the Champions and Heroes Identification Program it is our wish to assert that the Economic Empowerment Revolution has already begun. By identifying and showcasing luminaries it is our intention to strengthen the resolve of our youth to continue on the path and use the Champions and Heroes as beacons in this journey


Youth Feed Zimbabwe

Youth Feed Zimbabwe is a subsidiary of Youth Empowerment Holdings, a globally recognized youth-led agricultural programme championing all aspects of modern commercial sustainable agriculture. YFZ apply as an ecosystem approach that converges the capacity of the young farmers in communities and farms, providing a directed and deliberate engagement with the private sector, linkages between farmers and buyers of produce.YFZ ensures timely, effective and adequate supply of agricultural inputs to young farmers

 Youth Employ

Youth Employ Zimbabwe falls under the ZIMASSET cluster 7.2 – SOCIAL SERVICES AND POVERTY ERADICATION whose thrust is to; Enable government improve the living standards of the citizenry for an empowered society and a growing economy. The cluster has the following key programme areas which Youth Employ seeks address:

  • Human Capital Development
  • Indigenisation and economic empowerment
  • Employment creation
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Alignment of legislation to the new constitution


  • To facilitate employment for young people
  • To facilitate the training of youths to meet current skills required by industry
  • To create placement linkages with corporates at both local and regional and international level.
  • To assist youths in ICT consultancy and order financing

Youth Shape Zimbabwe

Youth Construct Zimbabwe (YCZ) is 100% owned by ZYC) which is a statutory body under the Zimbabwe Youth Council Act [Chapter 25:19].Youth Construct Zimbabwe was established to implement action plans of the ZimYES for Investment that pertain to realisation of the objectives of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-economic Transformation (ZimASSET) such as provision of housing and any other utilities and infrastructure that require to be constructed.

Youth Industrialise Zimbabwe

Youth Industrialise Zimbabwe Private Limited is the company incorporated under the Companies Act (Chapter 24:03). The company is core – owned by Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) and National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Fund (NIEEF), the public entities administered by the Ministry of Youth Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment. The company was created for purposes of providing an anchor company for a business eco system to ensure youth participation, improved livelihood pathways and economic empowerment.




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